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CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)

Computer Telephony Integration can help your businessCTI combines the two strongest tools in your office into one. With CTI, you mesh the two technologies of computers and telephones, letting you utilize features like accessing a client’s database information on your monitor before you even pick up the phone call.

The ability to get all your messaging: fax, voicemail, and e-mail right from your computer is now a reality.

Setting up conference calls become simple mouse clicks instead of long dialing scenarios. These reasons and many more may be deciding factors in whether CTI is a worthwhile application for you.

Let our sales department survey your needs.


Premise Wiring

Certified network design and premise wiringIs your current location in need of a technology revamp? Are you designing a new location? A modern wiring infrastructure of optical fiber, Cat 5e or Cat 6, to make your networks run at their best should be part of the plan.

Techline will help you implement a wiring network that will make sense for your current needs, and allow for future growth as the need arises. All wiring is done by skilled technicians and tested upon completion with documented results supplied to you.

We’d be happy to provide you with a competitive quote on any of your cabling needs.


Voice Over IP Systems

VOIP may be a cost effective answer for the remote officeIP telephony is truly bringing the 21st century into the workplace. By utilizing a high-speed Internet connection, such as cable modem or DSL (digital subscriber line) connection, you can be connected with your office without physically being there. This has great potential if you have employees who telecommute, or if you have remote offices.

With voice over IP, these people have direct connectivity. They show up on the receptionist’s console, and can be paged and transferred to just as if they were in the office. From the remote office end, they can access any internal features or make an outgoing phone call on the home office’s telephone lines.

There is tremendous potential for long distance toll savings, if the calling habits of the remote office dictate many calls back to the home office or within that area code. Ask us for more details about a voice over IP system for your business.


Service & Support

Experienced technicians can meet your national contractor service needs In addition to being a direct client, consider Techline for any of your national contractor needs in our area. We are available to do remote hardware installations, troubleshooting, and general as well as emergency service calls.

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